Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Woogie's Legacy

Our sweet Woogie passed over the Rainbow Bridge last week. To honor him, his two books are for sale at the special rate of $10 each. Buy both and receive free shipping!

Woogie's Travels Looking for a Friend describes his adventures as he travels with us in our RV. He meets an assortment of animals including critters in woods, ponds and even a goat but no one wants to be his friend. Then he meets a Dachsund puppy and he learns to make friends with other dogs during his travels. Includes numerous action black and white photographs. Retail $12.95

Woogie's Travels Discovering America features Woogie looking for fun in the southwest and western part of the United States. He learns about the creatures, the landscape and the national parks. He longs to swim since it is summer and very hot, but doesn't get a chance until he returns home. The color photographs show the natural beauty of places such as Bryce Canyon in Utah, the Redwood Forest of California and the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Retail $15.95

These books are wonderful bedtime stories for little children or for the beginner reader, especially dog lovers.

Woogie was a Border Terrier, born in Ireland, who loved children and traveling to new places. He delighted many children with visits to schools and libraries. His legacy now lives on his his books.