Monday, December 15, 2008

Poem About Woogie! SPECIAL OFFER!

by Kara Kovaler, Age 11

Woogie travels to make a friend

a chipmunk, a rabbit a duck

Although some friendships bend

with Tinkerbell he had some luck.

I received this lovely poem from a reader from NJ. So sweet! Woogie thanks you Kara!

Just in time for the Holidays - a Special Offer! You can order and receive WOOGIE'S TRAVELS as an e-book that can be read on your computer or digital reader. The cover and all photos from the original book are included in this pdf format. (Adobe pdf reader can be downloaded for free if you don't have it already)

Best of all, the price is reduced to only $5.00! No hard copy to ship, so no other fees! If you want to order one for your computer, you can then forward it as a gift to unlimited number of friends & family. Such a deal! You can even print it out - 52 pages - if you want.

Simply contact me at or 814-937-0704 and I will give you my current address in Florida to send a check. Once I've received the money, I send you the pdf file to your e-mail address.
Happy Holidays!