Monday, December 7, 2009

It's Christmas in Our Campground!

The RV trailers and motor coaches here near Tampa, Florida get into the Christmas spirit! The neighbor near us has Christmas music playing behind his huge snow ball. Mom won't let me pee on the trees though...

The second photo is our "Josh Plant" decorated!

Don't forget my Woogie Travels books make great Christmas gifts, and from now until the end of December there is FREE shipping!

Visit and print the order form, send a check to the noted address and disregard the shipping fee!

Have a safe and fun Holiday Season!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another Book Signing for me!

I love going to book signings - lots of kids and dog treats!

Today we visited Equine Corral in Lithia, Florida. The shop is great with lots of English Riding apparel and horse supplies. They have show outfits and fun T-shirts for kids too!

There were several entries for the "Ponies & Puppies" art contest and I'd like to personally thank all the young artists! It was a pleasure to meet some of them today.

Be good and keep on drawing (and writing!)

Woof Woof!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun!

Very talented pumpkin carvers!

I have one question. Where is the pumpkin that looks like me?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vacation Photos!

Wow! What a great vacation we had! We traveled from Florida to Philly via the Blue Ridge Mountains and then took day trips to Delaware, New Jersey and outskirts of Philly. Mom sold lots of books on her Equestrian Book Tour!

I visited my friend, Tinkerbelle, while at the Apple Brook Horse Farm in Cookstown, NJ. She is all grown up now and barked at me! She must not remember her old friend :(

I did enjoy the short trail ride with Mom and Sonny - the first time off a leash in a very long time!

And I met a new, very cute, girl dog named Shanny - she is living with Josh and Kate in Philly and we took several walks together. She has a shiny black coat and is part beagle, part chow. This should be the beginning of a long, friendly relationship! :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Traveling from Tampa to Virginia

Wow - I got to sniff lots and lots of bushes for three days! Strange but interesting smells along the way.

The Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia provided cooler weather than the 90 degree in Tampa! And I enjoyed the motels - especially the king-sized beds!
I was very glad to reach Philly and see Josh again! He has a new dog, a pretty black female named Shanny. Pix coming soon!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Road Trip!

Oh Boy, oh boy!

We're taking a road trip starting this Saturday, and I'm so excited! Mom's Equestrian Book Tour will have us stopping at independent book stores and tack shops from here to Connecticut. We'll be gone from September 19 - 28.

She'll be looking for horse stories for her fourth book of the BELOVED HORSES series. She's gathering names of horses now and will be interviewing their owners after the holidays.

We'll also be visiting Josh in Philly, and I heard he has a female dog. Hmm... I'll have to check her out!

Most important. we'll be visiting the stable where our horse, Sonny. is retired and where my cute girlfriend, Tinkerbelle, lives! Time for a happy dance!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

More Young Artists!

Visit to see the Young Artists colorings! This is Mary Grace who drew a picture of her Golden Retriever!
I wasn't allowed to attend this book signing at Wilson's Books in St. Petersburg today, but my paw print was included in the sales of my book, Woogie's Travels - Looking For a Friend.
If you would like me to attend a book signing at your special event , e-mail with your request! She also speaks about the craft of writing at school visits - no charge!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Remembering Veterans

We visited the Veterans Memorial County Park near us in Tampa. It has a picnic area near the canal, but no one was around cooking burgers to beg for since it was a Monday. (rats!)

It also has old tanks and other war stuff along with a memorial wall of local men who died fighting in WW II. The helicopter was cool with the shark teeth painted on it!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

More Florida Nature

Everyone who has a TV has seen the insurance gecko, but have you had fun chasing a real live lizard like I have? Boy, they are FAST!
They are all over in Florida, and I've heard some of my friends actually caught them. Might be a tad too quick for me!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Florida Nature

Sand Hill Cranes are interesting creatures. We see them often while traveling around Tampa Bay. We recently found a family - mom, pop and two babies - hanging around a shopping center! This one was near the Brandon Mall.
Thunderstorms almost daily. But I bark at them and they go away.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fun in Southern Florida!

I had an exciting trip to southern Florida! The Travelodge in Homestead is a pet friendly motel and so was the Shell Man tourist shop (above) in Marathon on the Florida keys. Note the sign on the railing - it welcomes pets inside on leash!
My mom did a booksigning at Hooked On Books in Islamorada and awarded prizes to the young artists who participated in the contest (visit
On the way back to Tampa, we drove through the Everglades and met a gator on a dirt road - good thing I wasn't allowed out or I would have to bark at this big guy!
Then I took a long nap on comfy pillows in the back seat of our truck!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Haircut!

I'm getting ready for our trip next week to the Florida Keys - and I got a haircut and bath! I don't like the treatment but I must admit I sure look and feel good afterwards!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Florida Keys Here I Come!

From Woogie: We're taking a road trip to the Florida Keys during the 4th of July weekend and I'm so excited! We'll also drive through the Everglades but I'll have to watch out for the alligators!

From Sharon: While traveling to southern Florida, I'll be signing my books at Hooked on Books located on the Overseas Highway in Islamorada Florida, about halfway down the Florida Keys. I'll be there from 11 am until noon on Saturday, July 4th.

For directions, visit: or call the store at 305-517-2602.

All seven of my books will be available, including the three in the Beloved Horses series. Also, I'll be offering free face/hand painting (horses my specialty!) and coloring pages from my books.
A local young rider and her equine friend are featured in my Beloved Sport Horses. Alexa Dixon and Cashmere have been a unique pair since 2003, competing in Wellington among other show grounds. As she says, the greatest memories are not always in the show ring.

If you would like me to be a guest at your shop (Book, Gift or Tack Shop) or speak at your writing event, e-mail me at

Monday, May 11, 2009

Woogie Exploring the Hillsborough River State Park!

Woogie had a fun day at the Hillsborough River State Park near where we live in Thonotosassa, Florida. He tried to go down to the river to make friends with a turtle sunbathing on a log but we were told there were alligators in the river. Sure enough, there was a small one at the other end of the log!

The suspended bridge was cool to cross - we could feel it move when we were in the middle! It was a hot day so we just took the short hike. Then we all had ice cream at DQ on the way home. Once there, he tried out his new swimming pool!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Woogie's First Booksigning Friends!

Woogie made lots of friends at Baroni's Twice Read Tales bookstore in Ocala, Florida on Valentine's Day! It was Florida Kids Heart Authors Day and the youngsters enjoyed giving Woogie doggy treats and getting free hand paintings & Valentine candy. The kids also had fun while I read them WOOGIE'S TRAVELS - LOOKING FOR A FRIEND.

Many thanks to Bobbie at Baroni's for hosting the event and to the two other authors who joined me. Neal Tiifany (left) is the author of BACHELOR FATHER PIONEER, a memoir, and Henry Grady is the author of the mystery/suspense novel, THE COIN. All our books are available at Baroni's and they are all autographed. Check out the store's online catalog at:

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Woogie's Book Signing on Feb. 14th!

Woogie is excited about his Valentine's Day event - Florida Kids Heart Authors - in Ocala! He was invited to sign his WOOGIE'S TRAVELS- LOOKING FOR A FRIEND at the Baroni's Twice Read Tales Bookstore on Rt. 40 (Silver Spring Blvd just east of the Marion County Libary) He'll be there from 10 am until noon.

His pawprint in included in every book and he looks forward to meeting all his fans, young and old!