Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vacation Photos!

Wow! What a great vacation we had! We traveled from Florida to Philly via the Blue Ridge Mountains and then took day trips to Delaware, New Jersey and outskirts of Philly. Mom sold lots of books on her Equestrian Book Tour!

I visited my friend, Tinkerbelle, while at the Apple Brook Horse Farm in Cookstown, NJ. She is all grown up now and barked at me! She must not remember her old friend :(

I did enjoy the short trail ride with Mom and Sonny - the first time off a leash in a very long time!

And I met a new, very cute, girl dog named Shanny - she is living with Josh and Kate in Philly and we took several walks together. She has a shiny black coat and is part beagle, part chow. This should be the beginning of a long, friendly relationship! :)

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