Monday, October 6, 2008

My Book - Woogie's Travels - is now available!


My name is Woogie and I'm a black and tan Irish Terrier. I was born in Ireland and arrived in the United States (Georgia) when I was a puppy. I weigh about 30 pounds and love to run and swim. I love people to pet me, especially kids, but I hate baths.

My tail is short and my hair is scruffy. Except in the summer when I get a haircut, then it feels smooth. My ears flop over and my eyes are dark brown.

My new book was just released this week and I'm so excited!

Woogie's Travels - Looking for a Friend is a book about me for Beginner Readers. There are lots of photographs of me in action! As I travel the country with my Mom and Pop in our Holiday Rambler RV, I look for friends. A lot of animals I meet don't want to be my friend, and that makes me sad. But, I finally meet the perfect playmates at the end of the story!

If you want to buy an autographed copy of my book, visit my Mom's web site at or e-mail her at My special paw print signature is included and I personally sign it to you!

You can also find my book at Infinity Publisher's on-line catalog: but if you order from them I won't be able to sign the book.

I hope to see you at a book signing some day! I've been practicing doing signings while at Paradise Lake Campground near Appomattox, Virginia. I'll be spending the winter in Florida again this year, Tampa this time. I can't wait to meet new friends and play with them!

Do you want to be my friend?

Leave me a message! I'd like lots and lots of friends!

If you read my book, leave me a message about which photo you like the best.

Woof Woof!

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